VIVO V5 Phone Launch

Client: Vivo
Project: Vivo V5 Phone Launch Video

In November 23, 2016 at the Solaire Grand Ballroom, Vivo launched one of their newest innovations: the Vivo V5. As a part of their event, Team VCS created high resolution hologram content for their main stage, using both 2D and 3D graphics. Apart from this, we made a series of other videos: their price reveal and store branches video, product reveal, 3D content for their HD hologram module, Logo loop and Background graphics.

Their opening number had LPP and Sicogu performing and interacting with the LED screen to add impact to their performance! Part of the video had the 3D Phone Model of V5 that we created, to truly showcase how innovative, unique and amazing the new model is.

Opening Number:
This video was accompanied by a dance number, serving as a moodsetter for the event to create excitement and energy.

Product Reveal:
A high-intensity montage of abstracted shapes and figures melding together to finally create the VIVO V5.
Background Graphics of Local KOLS:
Of course, as part of the program, local KOLs, Verniece & Mccoy, were introduced, and we created the background graphics for them.
Logo Loop for Mini LED:
We also created the logo loop that was showing on their mini LED screen. See it here:
Price Reveal AVP:
A short price reveal was also incorporated in the program. A scoreboard was used to create a sense of excitement and intrigue.
Stephen Curry
Finally, we adjusted the Stephen Curry video to fit the LED requirements and added in some effects.

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