To launch the new VIVO V5, high-definition videos and hologram content were produced and used for the company’s on-ground launch. The team created this dynamic material using 2D and 3D graphics. ​​​​​​​

Vivo Logo Loop 

Opening Number:
This video was accompanied by a dance number, serving as a moodsetter for the event to create excitement and energy.
Product Reveal:
A high-intensity montage of abstracted shapes and figures melding together to finally create the VIVO V5.
Background Graphics of Local KOLS:
Of course, as part of the program, local KOLs, Verniece & Mccoy, were introduced, and we created the background graphics for them.
Logo Loop for Mini LED:
We also created the logo loop that was showing on their mini LED screen. See it here:
Price Reveal AVP:
A short price reveal was also incorporated in the program. A scoreboard was used to create a sense of excitement and intrigue.
Stephen Curry
Finally, we adjusted the Stephen Curry video to fit the LED requirements and added in some effects.

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