Truscents Corporation

Client: Truscents Corporation
Project: Branding

Truscents Corporation is the exclusive distributor of an ambient scent brand from Australia called Air Aroma. It targets high-end users from different industries: hospitality, healthcare, retail, entertainment and more. A premium brand, it caters to audiences who would like to adopt a multisensory experience for their customers and to tap on scents as part of their marketing.

A clean, classy and professional design that would create a positive impression on its target customers was conceptualized. To come up with the design, different imageries were played around with: the idea of diffusion to represent Truscents’ role as a distributor; creating connections as a brand; the shape of a crown to represent its no. 1 ranking; and circle shapes to imply air molecules.

With these imageries in mind, we were able to create a premium and meaningful logo design for Truscents Corporation, effectively communicating its role and identity.

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