Client: Pioneer Hi-Bred
Project: Instructional Videos on how to Plant Corn and Rice
 Script, Storyboards, Production, Post-Production
Pioneer Hi-Bred is an international company that focuses on producing hybrid seeds for agriculture. In the Philippines, it is the largest provider of high-quality hybrid corn seeds for Filipino farmers. Team VCS created two 10-minute instructional videos, from script to final output, on how to properly farm their lands to achieve the highest potential of their yields. 
We constantly communicated with the client in order to fully flesh out the script, which was written in Tagalog and in an easy-to-understand manner, making sure that all steps of the instructions are accounted for, even during the shoot. The treatment of the video included graphics, text and visuals to support the voice over. These were animated to track with the movement of the camera, to create a more visually appealing effect and create more resonance with the target audience
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