Client: Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF)
Project: PEF Corporate Explainer Video

The Peace Equity Access for Community Empowerment Foundation (Peace and Equity Foundation or PEF) has been in the business of uplifting lives for 15 years, building self-sustaining communities that drive positive change in poor Filipino household communities through social enterprises.

In line with this celebration, PEF wanted to create an animated explainer video that can creatively and effectively present its story and personality to a wide variety of audiences.

Team VCS created a video that told the story of a coconut farmer, Mang Berto, in the Philippines, showing how difficult life is for him and his family. The narrative then tells of the role that PEF plays in uplifting the lives of Filipinos like Mang Berto and giving them sustainable livelihoods to help them.  

Watch the video here:
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