Client: Nori
Project: Full Rebranding

Nori is a Sushiburrito restaurant based in Ortigas. Inspired by the Sushirrito craze in San Francisco, Nori wanted to be the first to bring the revolutionary dish to the Philippines. They took the risk, daring to offer the sushirrito in the country. This is what Nori wanted to reflect in their brand: edgy, daring and exciting, representing their own adventurous products.

We created the full identity for Nori’s rebrand. To fully understand what Nori is about, the team conducted intensive research on the restaurant’s market, gathering insights through mystery shopping at competitor restaurants as well as at Nori itself, fleshed out the SWOT analysis for the business, developed their personas, market positioning, brand values and manifesto. We based our strategic directives on these, forming a unique identity that only Nori can own and claim.

With that, we created a branding identity that communicated how Nori is “only for the daring”, serving adventurous souls and being the most happening place in town.

We incorporated the sushirrito itself in every design so that Nori can claim the product as equal to its very identity: Nori = Sushirrito, Sushirrito = Nori.

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