Client: Pioneer Hi-Bred Philippines, Inc.
Project: AVP

Corteva wanted a video that would showcase how Pioneer, DuPont and Dow were coming together as a unified company. This video would also have to cater to various audiences, from farmers, to employees, and global stakeholders.

To create a video that would appeal to the different viewers, Team VCS capitalized on something that appeals to the various audience segments and highlighted how Corteva makes a difference in the lives of farmers. We told a story that was familiar to all those working with farmers — something that everyone could empathize with. At the end, we revealed how this was a real story of a brand creating value for those in need.

This infographic video emphasized a farmer's struggles and showed how the farmer and his community could enjoy growth and success, thanks to Corteva's products and the brand's passion for inclusive growth.

Given the limited timeframe that we had, Team VCS focused on collaborating closely with one another and doing some production steps simultaneously in order to produce this video in time for the brand's launch.

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