Client: Casio Calculators
Project: Social Media Video

Casio wanted to make Casio Classwiz the top-of-mind scientific calculator among students and teachers. They wanted a video that would increase interest and preference for the product, as well as educate the audience on its features.

To meet these objectives, Team VCS positioned the brand value and promise in the classroom. With the “Best in Class”, the material focused on how the Casio Classwiz could help teachers teach better and students learn better. 

We created a series of videos that utilized eye-catching visuals that were appealing and relatable to the target market. Through this content, we illustrated the features and benefits that make the Casio Classwiz the best calculator for students and teachers who want to be ​best in class. Additionally, we created edit-downs that put each feature in the spotlight, as well as growing the material’s reach in the digital world.

The video, including the 3D models and animation, was done fully in-house. The omnibus video also gained 172,000 views a mere four days after it was posted on the Casio Calculators Philippines Facebook page.

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