Client: BPI Sinag Business Challenge
Project: BPI Sinag Accelerate Awards Night AVP

BPI Sinag held its BPI Sinag Accelerate Awards Night last October 21, 2016. Sinag Accelerate aims to empower social entrepreneurs that are ready to scale-up and expand, and create significant impact in community development.

After going through a series of programs aimed at training the participants along the entire cycle of the entrepreneurial cycle, the BPI Sinag Accelerate Awards Night aims recognized the

As part of the program, an AVP was made to further reiterate what BPI Sinag is, what it aims to do, what it has done and how it has impacted communities. We conducted a video shoot to interview the key persons involved with the project, and did the final editing to weave the stories together.

It was inspiring and fulfilling to be part of this project!

Here’s the video that we created:

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