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Vitalstrats Creative Solutions, or VCS, is a Digital Content Production company that is committed to producing globally competitive digital content that would satisfy its clients, empower the lives of its employees and contribute to the advancement of Philippine design, production and marketing communications industry.
VCS believes in using strategic creativity to ensure that its clients’ messages reach their intended audiences: with its in-house graphic design and video production capabilities, VCS can create content from concept, all the way to the production and execution of these ideas. It utilizes several digital channels, including online, digital retail and outdoor displays, and event content, providing creative services that are tailor-fitted to its clients’ needs.
Having the advantage of being an agency, design studio and production house in one, Vitalstrats Creative Solutions is often entrusted with big projects involving creativity and ingenuity.
It has produced content for several different industries, including manufacturing, retail, education, financial institutions, government, communications, IT, Pharmacies, and more. It has catered to several brands as well, targeting the following market segments: marketing managers, HR and corporate communication departments. VCS also provides its services to event companies, advertising, digital and below the line agencies, and non- profit organizations.

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Our 12th Anniversary Trip

How We Began  
Vitalstrats Creative Solutions is already on its 12th year in the business of creativity.
VCS began as a small, home-based team with a passion for creativity and design. Its birth was unexpected: to answer to a client who demanded for an official receipt for a freelance job, VCS registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 25, 2004.  
From then until 2007, the team focused on designing print, promo and merchandising materials for several SMEs. Its first multinational client was Reckitt Benckiser Philippines, which handled several brands such as Lysol, Strepsils, and Veet. Through several recommendations from their brand managers who were pleased with VCS’s work, the team got the chance to handle more clients such as Canon Marketing Philippines (Powershot, EOS, Pixma, Selphy), Wrigley Philippines (Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, Sugus), Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines (Buscopan, Pradaxa) and other fast-moving consumer goods accounts.
Apart from these, VCS also handled branding and designs for marketing collaterals designs for restaurant groups Sumo Sam and Red Crab, as well as some post-production projects handled by an in-house editing team. Graphic and traditional design services were the core competency of VCS during its early years.  
In 2008, VCS began to offer full-scale video production services, producing videos for different industries, including but not limited to Real Estate, Communications and Electronics, Banking and Finance, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Health, and Education. While it continued to provide graphic design services, VCS gained momentum in generating revenue from producing corporate videos from script to the final output, and effectively solving client problems with ingenuity. Alongside this development, it began to build a wide pool of creative talents as it worked with notable people in the industry: directors, cinematographers, production managers, and more.  
As VCS continued to grow, it became a member of the Advertising Suppliers Association in the Philippines (ASAP) in 2010. Through ASAP, it got the chance to be more active and exposed in the industry, leading to partnerships with technology providers. By 2012, Vitalstrats Creative Solutions ventured into more innovative projects, and content solutions that married creativity with technology. It was able to keep up with the emergence of the trend in infographic videos, with training and corporate communication video projects pouring in in response to VCS’s seamless execution of client requirements.  
Apart from this, with its post-production team growing into a powerhouse that could execute both 2D and 3D animations, VCS also began producing holograms, transparent screens and digital displays. The team utilized these technologies to impact client events, resulting in excellent client feedback.
Finally, by 2013, VCS streamlined its services: it answered to the demands of a continuously growing digital content industry. While it still kept its traditional print and graphic design services, VCS began to focus on creating content consumed in screens, becoming experts in ensuring that clients’ messages reach their intended audiences through strategic and creative solutions.
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